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Edison sex scandal: an entire population refusing to grow up

Posted in current affairs, rant with tags , , , on March 12, 2008 by freakychinaman

though probably not the best way to start of my new blog with a current affair (which I have learnt from channel nine equals to useless gossip and trends that nobody really cares about), the recent Edison Chan (/Chen, whatever…. Asians..).

Just a little background, Edison Chan’s a Hong Kong celebrity, much like Paris Hilton to the point of being disowned by the family and can’t master any of his languages, but not as rich and at some point he was even referred to as an ‘artist’. As of late, explicit photos (and apparently a video but I haven’t found it yet) of him and several female celebrities, most notably Gilian Chung, Bobo Chan, C…. just look up wiki or something, it’s all over the place.

I personally don’t think any less of any of the people that were involved in these photos, even Edison since I never thought anything of him in the first place, in the end it’s just a case of keeping some happy memories and getting “caught”…. I must say, if you’re stupid enough to bring in a computer filled with material that sensitive to get fixed unsupervised, you should leave for America then get shot by a 5 year old. This is why people invented 8gig USBs and iPods: so that you can keep your shit to yourself.

Another ridiculous player in this TVB (aka lame and shallow) drama is the dick that started all this in the first place, and has apparently been dubbed the name of “Kira” [see “deathnote“]. Apparently Light got sick of cleansing the world of injustice and crime with his deathnote and has decided to redirect his rage towards stupid adolescents with the world wide web. I’m sure real soon Ichigo Kurosaki will release his zanpakutō into a razor and turn emo and Yugioh will stop gambling his life playing stupid kids games.

Finally, a word to the twins fans: despite her “stupid” and “naive” appearance, she’s fucking 27, she’s old enough to be divorced! so she had sex in front of a camera, big deal, so do tons of other people out there that enjoy sex and are mature about it. grow up! And about her “naive” speech: what else do you want her to say? her target audiences are teens and below, and songs that make her seem like she hasn’t even grown out of her puppy-love stage yet, do you really want her to say: “oh, well I felt really horny back then and needed a man to fill me up, and honestly it’s really none of your business… and why the fuck am I apologising?”.

[Rumour has it that Edison has a backup plan to pursuit a career in Hollywood after quiting from HK… but honestly if he can’t make it in HK what possible way can he make it in Hollywood………….. an amateur pornstar maybe?]