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When the World ends…

Posted in personal, random with tags , , , on November 22, 2009 by freakychinaman

Since the movie 2012 is nearing its premiere, the TV stations here have once again dug out the tiny stash of movies they own rights to play for relating movies, including ID4 and deep impact… which they play annually anyway.


So here I am, sitting on the couch drinking some sago with coconut milk I made earlier watching deep impact due to a lack of a better option, and once again I am critisizing how people choose to spend their last moments, knowing a month in advance… and here there are people still going to work, watching TV, and wandering aimlessly around the streets… but then again if you think about it, if everyone knew they’d die soon noone will run the shops and clubs, the news and reruns of  the simpsons will probably be the only thing left on TV, most power stations will probably go off line, and gas stations will probably run out of gas in the first 4 hours the news was given… so you can’t even go very far…

So now nothing’s working, nowhere to hang, and you need to think of your own activities because those diving lessons you always wanted to take won’t be there anymore… now I’m sure everyone has a hit list of people you want dead… now assuming you don’t have a top 200 list, this will only occupy you for so long assuming your targets aren’t too tough.. (don’t forget these guys may have already killed themselves)… then there is that girl you’ve liked all these years… now assume you don’t sadly get rejected in these circumstances… what else can you do? Right now I can’t think of anything besides to find the best view to see whatever disaster is about to strike me…

And you know what, I really can’t think of anything so I’m gonna end it here. I’ll be happy to accept suggestion or at least what everyone else would do, at least I’ll have a plan when the apocalypse comes.


mmMMMmmm… babies…


[This is for the Chinese/Japanese/any nation that uses Chinese characters: the two characters in the logo (one Korean and one Chinese), look like the Chinese words “子宮”, which means “uterus”. Now just out of curiosity, does anyone know what the Korean character means? Cheers]


don’t sympathize to socialize

Posted in personal, random, rant on October 5, 2008 by freakychinaman

[this has nothing to do with the post, but it seemed a bit dull without a picture………. and by the way this is from ‘the perry bible fellowship’, freakin’ awesome comic strips. Have the link on the side panel]

People don’t, and never will, consider me as a sympathetic person (which is why I sucked at my behavioural studies courses since they wanted me to feel sorry for everyone…), my defense is that in almost all cases where someone’s not happy, I either a) can’t do anything about it; b) they just want attention; c) I just don’t care about that person.

The father of a friend of mine passed away recently and I struggled for a while thinking of something I can say and do for her… but I couldn’t. I mean… saying things like “cheer up” “don’t be sad” is seriously what I think you say when you want to break an awkward silence and not want to sound like you don’t care. In the end, has anyone told you to cheer up and you suddenly do? (unless you were unhappy about that person not talking to you) Anything religious is a bit hypocritical for me (it’s also very lame). Anything else that’s at all constructive I believe you should say in person, trust me saying “I’ll always be there for you, XXOO” on facebook is a bit pathetic (not to mention you sound like a total dick + the nice happy DP on the side….).

Then there are the attention seekers… Im pretty sure I ranted about these before but I’ll do it again. These are the people that are always telling you how crap their life is (eg telling you they got a really bad mark and you know they’re just waiting for you to say “that’s not too bad, I got a shitty mark too”); as well as those people that explain to you the motive behind everything they do as if it’s all for the greater good….. I hate these people, how I see it, truly smart and nice people don’t go around telling people about it, and if you really feel unhappy, you won’t have the mood to put it on your MSN name.

About the people I don’t care about….. well… what more can be said? I just don’t care! I may know you, I might like you as a person, and I might even be related to you, But if I don’t care it’s not like you can convince me. To care for someone is a type of love (at least you need a form of it): so you just do; you can’t tell me why I have to and why I shouldn’t.

If something bad happens to someone and you can’t change it, they’re bound to be sad; and telling them not to be is… well….. denying their humanity. The only thing you can really do is make them comfortable until they can get over it… or helping them take revenge depending on the cause of the problem.


Kids, stop trying to balance on those wooden posts……

(*warning: image below may disturb some pansies and kids not convince of what I just said*)









Boxing: a martial art?

Posted in martial arts, personal with tags , , , , on July 12, 2008 by freakychinaman

Finally, I have been freed from the imprisonment of end of semester exams at Uni, so it’s time to give this place a new update.

I’ve lately been watching a classic anime series (in between, after, and a bit during study…) called ‘Hajime no Ippo’. It’s about a young boy that’s quite obviously on steroids going from a shy little Japanese ‘kid’ (.. like for most anime I use that term loosely, the age never seems right…) to a shy little Japanese boy beating the crap out of everyone all over the world, all thanks to Boxing! (anyways, it’s a great show and I would be watching it right now if I didn’t use up the download quota…)

so anyways, this show has inspired me to do an entry on boxing.

To be honest I have never considered boxing a martial art. Boxing is a sport: it has rules, it has boundaries, and therefore it has limits. Martial arts to me is something that you can use anytime, anywhere, against anyone (given you had some essential gear e.g. weapons). This conflicts with boxing firstly because these guys don’t use their legs to fight. The biggest problem here is the lack of defense: boxers have a very high center of gravity, this keeps them light on their feet and easier to shift their weight around; the trade off is it’s much easier to impair their movement and damage the lower limbs (as well as groin shots), which is a fatal flaw on the streets. The second problem is they only have 2 weapons: their left fist and their right fist. So you’ve lost flexibility in your fighting, as oppose to those who train with kicks, knees, elbows, headbutts, grapples, palm strikes, throws, shoulder strikes……. and so on.

The cognitive state from doing boxing is also very different: due to the fact there are really only 2 hazards you have to worry about (left and right fist) this is where your concentration goes when you defend, and with the rules in the ring you don’t have to worry about the other guy doing anything tricky either. One example I always think of is weaving. Even though it’s used in other martial arts as well, there is no sense of danger in the boxing ring of someone kneeing you in the face, so the movements are more dramatic and lower. And I’m not sure how often this is used or is McKoy the only one to use it, but the “corkscrew” punch is another technique I find to be protected by the rules of no grappling and limb breaking. The corkscrew is THE example of an over extended and self-exposing move, to the point I personally think out weights the power of the punch.

[And no, I did not base all of this simply on a cartoon show… well maybe a bit on the corkscrew, but wiki’ed it and it was there so it’s fine by me]


when you think you’re all alone in this world…..

*taken at “yuen’s market”, sunnybank, QLD*

You are not a RPG character

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Often (if not always) any discussion I have concerning martial arts involves people categorizing themselves or others as either long/mid/close/in strikers (then further split into boxers and kickers…), weapons, grapplers, ground fighters etc. I think it’s good to know your strong points and it gives you a focus in discussion, but when you categorize yourself all the time you psychologically limit yourself. This also goes for any other matter like types of knowledge, preferred music and movies etc.

I’ve had friends tell me that they’re boxers (not the ones you wear…) or wrestlers, and pretty much that’s all they focus on; so the wrestlers don’t practice their punches and the boxers don’t bother grabbing, and I think this is just giving yourself a handicap. If I must categorize myself, I would say I’m a mid-range striker (over a swordsman simply because I’ve fought more in unarmed), but I still like grapples and ground fighting (though not good at it…), and I brawl quite a bit. We are not fucking RPG characters: we don’t have to pick a certain trait and focus on maxing it! And we don’t have a crappy leveling system, you can train up your abilities as you go… I suppose this leads back to my previous statement that just because you do taekwondo you don’t need to do fairy kicks all the time and Judo people can punch too…

[the next time I see someone write that Jeet Kune Do deals more “crits”, I will spam them with viruses]


random picture of the day: too late…

Haidong Gumdo: the beginning

Posted in martial arts, personal with tags , , , , , on April 23, 2008 by freakychinaman

My journey into the martial arts world was nothing spectacular or any point of enlightenment, mine started as a 13 year old overweight boy wanting to do a bit of exercise and do something cool; and what better way than to wave a sword around in a skirt?

I (left if you haven’t seen me before) also dragged my cousin (right) into it: who (for the record) also quit

Haidong Gumdo is a Korean martial art focused with sword fighting (“gumdo/Kumdo” and “Kendo” both mean “the way of the sword” except one’s the korean pronunciation and one’s Japanese). The basic breakdown of it is it’s very similar to its traditional Japanese counterpart (and I don’t mean the “I keep slapping your head” type), though what I gathered has a greater focus in wide arch slices for multiple opponents and some differences in the stances; but they still use the Japanese style swords and the forms have the same type of movements. I’ll just leave out the history of the art simply because there’s just a lack of legitimate evidence of its origins and development.

Haidong Gumdo is a very simplistic martial art (not saying this in a bad way), the techniques are very direct and allows for a lot of freedom in terms of attacking angle and defending area. With that said there also isn’t that much to really learn, and it’s mainly just developing the skills to use them and training. I often have people tell me that the stances (especially the short stance: basically your usual long stance but you tuck your back leg in so that the knee is directly below you and your front knee is in front of your hip..) will screw up your legs, but I reckon that does the art injustice: the stances can seem awkward, but if you have the calibration of your hip and trunk the movements are ergonomically fine. One point that I think should be emphasized is that these movements are designed to support the SWORD, so you wont have the same balance or dynamics of the body as your average combat type martial arts.

I never really had many problems with the art itself, I left mainly due to the whole McDojo phenomenon happening, i.e. the head instructor (who was actually very good) pretty much stopped teaching and the classes just became systematically the same everyday mainly comprising of workouts; the fees were at a ridiculous level (fuck I paid like $450 [something like that, it’s a sum that people will slap me for anyway] for my blackbelt, and this didn’t include my sword..); and pretty much anyone who grades gains a level, and this happened every 1.5 months till you get to the grade just below 1st dan (I know some people that make it to BB in a year…), so we had have an overflow of posers and kiddy black belts, and a bunch of people that were teaching me that I would probably easily take down in a fight. Finally the most disappointing part of the training is that there’s no sparring (if you want to refer to the pictures in this post, they we pre-rehearsed fighting sequences), so I don’t even get the chance to prove my point… so all these factors simply just forced me to leave.

However I am definitely happy that I joined the club: it got me fitter (the training there is still the toughest I’ve experienced), gave me a better understanding of myself, and some of the skills and techniques I still use in my own training (and I actually still practice, just not as often as I should). Well, that’s my summary of my Haidong Gumdo experience that lasted for over 5 years (more on my old blog if you want to flick through some entries), some of it was frustrating but most of it was fun. For those that do Haidong Gumdo out there, I will once again state here that I am not meaning to insult or degrade the art, I have just simply moved on… to things that are more practical (trust me, you won’t get that many chances to swing a samurai sword around when you go out). I also further reemphasize it was some of the PEOPLE and clubs I had issues with (and taken into account how many people leave after black belt, I know I’m not alone…).

[Those people that I’ve complained about above, if you know who you are: go kill yourself, you’re an insult to humanity and degrade all those that deserve the title of a martial artist. If you are as incompetent enough as to be incapable of suicide: leave me a message and I’ll lend a hand. If you’re not sure if I’m talking about you: leave me a message and I’ll lend a hand…]


Random picture of the day: homosexual prostitution market at depression

[taken in the University of Queensland refectory]

The mentality of a fighter

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I have always believed that to be a great fighter, you must have to be fighting to protect something. This can be anything from a person or religion, to your health or pride; but when you fight to gain, such as to conquer or grab some cash on the side, the will will never be as strong. The logic is that to protect is a need in which failure leads to a loss, and if you need to fight for it then the loss would be a dear one; whereas for gain the motivation comes only from greed, losing just means everything is back to how it use to be. I’m not saying that greed isn’t a powerful driving force, I mean it’ll get you to being good, but not great.

I am a person that enjoys fighting, I love the fact that it’s the competition of every aspect of 2 people (…or 3.. or 10…): speed, agility, strength, skill, intelligence, durability and plain guts (if they haven’t already been spilled), and that you can create your own tactics and variations in moves depending on your opponents without needing to follow rules(as oppose to sports such as: running= just run FASTER!!; swimming: just swim FASTER!! etc), however I have no real need for it. The things I want to protect are not in any immediate danger nor in any environment that could lead me to believe so: I nor the ones I love are living in a war zone , I’m not bullied and picked on, and I have no religion and nor am I really an atheist, I simply don’t care. I’m a pretty lazy person, and at this point in my life martial arts is an interest to me and a precaution for any future encounters when I DO have something to protect; but having no real application for it in my everyday life I won’t be training 12 hours a day kicking palm trees and punching concrete slabs (and a lot of the time I find working out just repetitive and boring, but that can differ depending on how drugged I am).

As a martial artist, as well as a person, I’m still really just starting. So considering the average life expectancy in this day and age… I guess I should pick up the pace and find something worth protecting in this world.


[Random picture of the day: well actually I got this a while ago now and I’ve already criticized it in my old blog, so you guys be the judge, I can’t even be bothered wasting time writing about this (if you don’t see what’s wrong in this ad, you’re probably a star wars fanatic and trains in the art of the force)]


Martial arts (in my world)

Posted in martial arts, personal, philosophy on March 18, 2008 by freakychinaman

I guess before I keep going on and on about martial art styles pissing everybody off (and maybe even praise some! Oh my God!), and constantly posting video upon video to eat up everyone’s download limit and time; I think I should state what my stand is on martial arts and what it means to me.

Don’t let the past 2 entries fool you, I personally don’t think that there is such a thing as a better martial art, only better people. Martial art is the skill of fighting that is used (in most cases, if not all) against other people, who are ever changing and therefore so will the effectiveness of the style. All martial arts follow at least a certain degree of logic within their style (…maybe not for Kiai…), so it’ll carry some truth to it when it comes to practicality as long as a physical part of your body/weapon comes into contact with your opponent. How effective and realistic a fight is really is just a matter of when and where you are, if we think back to the roots of a lot of traditional martial arts they were actually developed from real battle and survived because it works. The logic of today of how to throw a punch and how to kick is different depending on culture and upbringing, I mean think back a few centuries and the West was characterized by fist fighting and high kicks were absurd, while the Chinese were being taught how to whip their tail like a dragon.

In the end it all comes down to who’s stronger, faster, smarter, and tougher; poking your pinky into someone’s cranium may seem like the dumbest thing ever, but if your fingers can do handle it then there’s nothing wrong; no matter if I can slice throw 10 ice blocks with my hand, if it doesn’t go through your arm it’s useless. So a word of advice: if you don’t know which martial arts it good and where you can be taught right, at least find one that makes you break a sweat and leave your muscles aching (and of course the best way is to listen to me)


So with that said, why do I keep ranting on about martial art styles since if even a Ninjitsu fighter can be deadly? As I said before the effectiveness of a style depends on the time and place, and in this day and age of UFC, Pride and all sorts of MMA influence, holding on to traditional ideals and concepts just don’t work in this ever changing world, yet this is what a lot of these mainstream styles are promoting and exploiting, selling it to geeks and sissies across the world like a religion: “It works because it has been time proven for centuries and I have a six-pack, now pay me and bow before me.” These are the guys I’m usually attacking (with exception to capoiera that has never worked) and often some stereotypes that seem to fit the majority. So I will continually mock martial art styles and some occasional praising to those I see worthy, if you can relate to what I’m saying or don’t agree on what I say and won’t mind sharing your thoughts, please do so as criticism is what helps us improve; but if what I say sounds like rubbish to you or offends you and you’re just going to leave stupid comments that would reduce my IQ- leave, you are not forced to be here.

And finally, what I want to say is: I don’t care if you punch like you’re trying to grope me or stab me with your ear, if it works and I can’t prove you otherwise then you’re fine, I mean I like hook kicks and fly kicks too (feels great when you hit!), but if you hide behind your impenetrable grading system, hippy-coloured belts and fancy patterns, I pray that a homeless, drunk primary drop-out hippy with a cocaine addiction would mug you and snap your spine. And if you try to tell me you don’t fight because martial arts is a discipline and is not used to hurt people (but do so when you know they aren’t allowed to get you back for it), here’s a recommendation:


[apologies if I somehow (can’t see how…) offended any footballers/rugby players]