If you don’t already know me

A warm welcome to all that have stumbled upon my grounds of chaotic literature and plagiarized imagery.

Due to an overflow of depressed, brain-dead Asians in my previous blog community “Xanga” (yes, I know…) I have now decided to join wordpress in cases where I feel like I have more to say than “OMFG!! EXAMS!!! I’m so grey… nobody loves me etc etc etc” or “I have nothing to say…….laters”.

Now where are my manners, I haven’t even made a formal introduction and I’m paying out Asians… My name is Kevin and an ABC (Australian Born Chinese, which entitles me the rights to pay out Asians), currently studying Science with a major in anatomical science at the University of Queensland. I Love martial arts, practiced Haidong Gumdo, WTF Taekwondo, currently Goju Karate, and a hell lot of movies, and if anyone wants to have a go at me about the former 2, I’ve already done so myself.

Hope Everyone who comes here enjoys it, no matter if you’re looking for some humor, intellectual stimulation……………….. and discussion, or even just someone to criticize while you procrastinate, I’m sure I can provide to some degree….. once in a while (but seriously if you’re looking for porn piss off).

Hope you enjoy watch you see and be enlightened


5 Responses to “If you don’t already know me”

  1. u twat lol..love ya kevy

  2. Can I ‘critisize’ your English?

  3. freakychinaman Says:


  4. Lawrence Says:

    I really like the pictures on your blog – so funny! If only Raymond could put some on his but I think it would spoil the aura a bit (you know, that authentic religious pervert kind of aura)

    Just kidding Raymond

  5. Raymond Lam Says:

    Lol! You’re cool. 😉

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