World’s biggest lies

  1. Oscar winner: “this award belongs to everyone”
  2. That dick that keeps correcting you in class: “I’m so gonna fail”
  3. Casino slogan: “everyone’s a winner”
  4. CEO: “we’re one big happy family”
  5. Psychologist: “acknowledging it means you’re half way there”
  6. Anyone: “I was drunk, I didn’t know what I was doing”
  7. PEd@phi_le253: “I love pokemon too, want to meet up?”
  8. Boyfriend: “this won’t hurt”
  9. Japan: “it’s for science”
  10. Surgeon: “you have nothing to worry about”
  11. Golden palace: “tradition chinese food”
  12. Australia: “we have a rich and colourful history”
  13. Customs agent: “I’m not being rude”
  14. Environmentalist: “We’re destroying the Earth”
  15. Chnag chun-hsiung:  “We’re not Chinese”
  16. Priest: “not with your teeth Timmy, otherwise you go to hell”
  17. DFO: “retail prices!”
  18. Rugs-a-million: “We’re closing down”
  19. Locksmith: “you’re lock is weird”
  20. Psychic: “I knew it”
  21. Police: “We have our top men on the job”
  22. University admin: “we’ll get it done very soon”
  23. Ex: “we can still be friends”
  24. Girlfriend: “Anything’s fine”
  25. Gambling addict: “one last time”
  26. Blonde: “I think…”
  27. McDonald’s employee: “I’m loving it”
  28. Mom: “tell me and I won’t hit you”
  29. Me: ……………………………. figure it out

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