When the World ends…

Since the movie 2012 is nearing its premiere, the TV stations here have once again dug out the tiny stash of movies they own rights to play for relating movies, including ID4 and deep impact… which they play annually anyway.


So here I am, sitting on the couch drinking some sago with coconut milk I made earlier watching deep impact due to a lack of a better option, and once again I am critisizing how people choose to spend their last moments, knowing a month in advance… and here there are people still going to work, watching TV, and wandering aimlessly around the streets… but then again if you think about it, if everyone knew they’d die soon noone will run the shops and clubs, the news and reruns of  the simpsons will probably be the only thing left on TV, most power stations will probably go off line, and gas stations will probably run out of gas in the first 4 hours the news was given… so you can’t even go very far…

So now nothing’s working, nowhere to hang, and you need to think of your own activities because those diving lessons you always wanted to take won’t be there anymore… now I’m sure everyone has a hit list of people you want dead… now assuming you don’t have a top 200 list, this will only occupy you for so long assuming your targets aren’t too tough.. (don’t forget these guys may have already killed themselves)… then there is that girl you’ve liked all these years… now assume you don’t sadly get rejected in these circumstances… what else can you do? Right now I can’t think of anything besides to find the best view to see whatever disaster is about to strike me…

And you know what, I really can’t think of anything so I’m gonna end it here. I’ll be happy to accept suggestion or at least what everyone else would do, at least I’ll have a plan when the apocalypse comes.


mmMMMmmm… babies…


[This is for the Chinese/Japanese/any nation that uses Chinese characters: the two characters in the logo (one Korean and one Chinese), look like the Chinese words “子宮”, which means “uterus”. Now just out of curiosity, does anyone know what the Korean character means? Cheers]


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