Anime review #3: unlikely greats

I know a lot of people have started to get sick of all the anime posts, but I’ve been spending most of my time writing up a research report so I only have limited brain power for this, just be grateful there’s anything new at all.

Ouran High School Host Club: 10/10

Haruhi, a girl from the grass-roots gains a scholarship to Ouran High, a prestigous school for the extremely wealthy. In some unusual circumstances she is mistaken for a guy and was forced into the Ouran High Host Club where a whole bunch of weird and wacky things happen and everyone besides the 2 on the right fall for her.

The so called ‘host club’ is pretty much a high class male escort service, and why so many girls hang out there all the time is a mystery. The girls also seem to get turned on by everything… if only girls I know were that easy… Anyways, as screwed up as everything sounds, it’s a really good show and quite hilarious. It’s mainly for girls so there are a few cheezy bits but I can live with it, and it’s not the whole “I love you, you love me, let’s cry a lot” type so don’t worry. [though you could end up with the phrase “kiss kiss fall in love” stuck in your head from the intro song…]

Busou Renkin: 8.5/10

The show is about a war between alchemist warriors and the homunculus (beings created by alchemy). The human warriors can only kill the homunculus using ‘busou renkin’, which sort of means ‘battle alchemy’, which are weapons with special powers and take shape depending on their users.

The theme and the elements seem a bit cliche, but the story turns out pretty well and the characters develop pretty well and most characters have more dimension in their personalities than “I must save my friends” or “I will destroy soul society, which apparently isn’t a real world”. It’s got a good balance between constant action and comedy, something I find quite essential these days. The fights are well animated and you don’t get the dragonball Z fighting where giant beams get fired and everything just disappears.

Can’t really think of any others that fit this catergory, so I’ll leave it at that.


Don’t eat where you pee I always say… :



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