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Anime Review #2

Posted in anime & manga with tags , , on December 8, 2008 by freakychinaman

I showed the good ones last time, so I thought I’d show some that I think aren’t that good (you’d notice they still have a moderate rating, because I just won’t finish a show if it really sucked that bad..).

Gundam Seed: 5/10

Ok, this isn’t that bad a show by itself at the beginning, but the lack of an original story and a bunch of gundams that pretty much look the same is just very annoying. The Jap voice acting also makes people want to hurl their remotes at the screen when the guys cry… seriously, it sounds like a gagged cat trying to swallow cotton… The lack of originality also goes on later in the sequel: Gundam Seed destiny, where ‘freedom’ gundam is upgraded to ‘strike freedom’, and ‘justice’ gundam to ‘infinite justice’… fuck… and the whole “we have secretly been developing all these weapons, we just haven’t been bothered to bring them out when we needed them, and waited until someone came to steal them”… (seriously, almost all the suits the main characters use are stolen from somewhere…). The animators also get very cheap and lazy, and they just keep replaying stock footage over and over and over again… which I reckon they might as well not put it in at all… but they did gain a few more points from the music, which I think is great (TM Revolution FTW!!!).

Bleach: 4/10

This show started out very well admittedly, I liked the concept and the first ark was awesome. But like all shows that drag on for too long and producers just want to squeeze as much out of a successful show as possible, the stories have started to drag and repeat (ie “WHAT IS THIS CRAZY RIATSU?!” “I am a new powerful enemy that can easily crush you, but I think I’ll play around with you first” “omg! he flashed across me and cut my shoulder, BANKAI!!!” “omg! there’s no possible way that you could’ve beaten me, but logic doesn’t work here, I die now!”… whatever, you get the point). The animators here are just lazy to begin with, and the fight scenes or comprized of constant weapons locks and teleportation, the only cool thing is the revealling of the special abilities (i.e. it’s boring after that…), and even that’s getting a bit unoriginal, having Ichigo’s bankai being a less stylish sword with even more flashing around… The planning of the show also adds to the disappointment, with about 20% of the run time dedicated to recaps… in which not that much has happened in the first place… just lots of talking with their weapons out… The movies aren’t great, just extra long episodes without even improving the artwork… feels like dragonball Z all over again…

Jigoku Shoujo 4/10

Once again, another show that had a good original concept. The gist of it is people can log onto a website, type in the person they hate, and if they accept you they will come to you and give you a doll that you can use to drag that person down to hell, only catch is that after you death you will go to hell too. The artwork is decent and great music, unfortunately the stories were very restricted, having individual stories per episode ( save the last 3 or so) with a very linear progression, you know pretty much exactly what’s going to happen and almost when as well (the girl says the same lines every episode! the voice actor probably just had to come in for half a day to do all her recordings for the entire show!). The artwork was good except it didn’t go far enough to make it scary and didn’t have any impressive special effects, which was a big theme in it; the fundemental philosophies and plots are very shallow and it’s just single-mindedly pushing the concept of “revenge is bad”. More of a kiddy show really, heck I’d prefer pokemon over this… great music though…(like… intro and ending…)


Real myth busters: penile length and shoe size!

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Just some random stuff a lecturer brought up in a lecture once, looked it up and… hey, what do you know!