The Deadlier the Better?

People nowadays with some basic knowledge of martial arts like to find out which is the best martial art to do, and I’ve heard more than once muay thai/ thai boxing because it’s so brutal and deadly; but just because it’s the most deadly (merely making a point with an example, don’t spam me with “NOO! MUAY THAI IS NOT THE MOST DEADLY!!! YOU SUCK!!!!” and the technicalities of whether muay thai is effective…) does it mean it’s the most effective? Take this into context of a fight (and I’ve used this in a previous entry but I’ll save everyone the trouble of finding it), just because your hits will take my head off doesn’t mean it will land. And sometimes Thai boxers really don’t have much of a concept of self-preservation, so unless you have a medic standing by every time you fight and a few months to rest afterwards, it’s not too effective if you want to live long.

Another point I also like to stress these days is that even if this guy is trying to mug you, breaking his arm will probably land you in jail, not to mention in most cases in the modern world it’ll be something a lot less serious, like a drunk trying to pick a fight at a club or someone’s bullying you at school. A karate sempai once told me that we train to be technicians, learn to control ourselves and others, be able to do just enough to achieve our goal… and also able to go a bit further if we may so wish. A good example to illustrate is in wrestling and grappling type techniques, which is why you see stuff like judo and jujitsu (the “ju” meaning gentle/soft) is very common in police and military training (or their version of it), not saying it’s limited to that, it can also be things like pressure points and weak spots, how to avoid injuries etc.


[I know it doesn’t aid my claims, but I can’t see me doing a jujitsu post so I might as well put it here for the sake of it… and I am well aware of the differences in spelling, but it’s Japanese to English, technically none of them are right anyway, so bite me.]

I’m currently learning Goju Karate right now (I have the link up on the panel if you want to look into it), and a reason I’ve been liking it so much is we do a good mixture of the hard (ie strikes and hard blocks) and soft (ie grapples, ground fighting, parrying-type blocks etc), thus the term Goju (“go” = hard/violent; and ju as above… although I would admit some of the stuff we do aren’t part of the usual curriculum, because I’m sure not all schools do ground fighting…). This gives me a greater arsenal to utilize in different situations and I can play smart at times that I might not want to play tough (being an average Asian dude in a western society, it’s more than likely gona be the case).

[Anyways, it’s been a long time since I did an entry, had exams a while back so I also stopped training for 2 weeks, finally got back 2 weeks ago but in the first 10 minutes or so I got a patella/knee cap dislocation on my left knee from doing waza kumite (technique sparring)…. which was pretty sad since I don’t really know how I managed it, all I remember was being taken down… either way, Im out of action for at least 2 more weeks before I can train properly again…]


Apocalypse or blessing?



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  1. Michael Hsieh Says:

    Kevin your blog is legendary. Keep it up

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