Camera angle fighting

Ok, I just watched the bourne supremacy and I almost got motion sickness. Not just because of the constant car chases, and going in and out of buildings; but the stupid camera angle fighting.

Camera angle fighting is when there’s a fight scene of some sort and the screen keeps swapping to a bunch of cameras that seem to be held by people with Parkinson’s!

Ok, this is how fights use to be like on the big screen:

This is how it is now:

Seeing that the acting in most of these films aren’t important nor any good anyway, might as well get some that can fight, at least that’s easier to find. (seriously, Jacky Chan can’t act… and fuck, Hollywood killed him too… But I’ll talk about that later)


3 Responses to “Camera angle fighting”

  1. Man that cat was epic

    And Matt Damon’s horrible. Now I realize how bad camera angle fighting really is.

  2. I agree with you…all this does is make me sick to my stomach.

  3. Chris Browne Says:

    Bourne is cool 🙂

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