You people search the weirdest things… perverts…

everyone that owns an internet site or blog gets some of their best entertainment by looking at what search terms people put into their browsers to reach their site, and lately this is getting more and more bizarre and some I don’t even know how it possibly related to this site. So I thought I’d share some today:

  • pedo porn, baby child pedo, pedophilia virtual, blowjob underage… and the list goes on… (I’m sure these people will get into a lot of trouble if I can track their IP…)
  • cheating they’re cheating on you, right behind your back (…………….)
  • snap crackle pop (do I make people think I talk about rice bubbles here?)
  • chinaman sexual picture (sorry, I don’t pose, sorry)
  • cunt kickers (their are some really sick people out there…)
  • somebody getting raped (at least they’re not picky…)
  • viktor & hermione art (just found this odd since that pic doesn’t have a tagline along with it)
  • Kendo sex (can’t really understand how that works… someone please explain how this fetish works)

… and a whole ton along the lines of “taekwondo sucks” (comes second in my top search engine terms…)

anyways, if you are one of those losers that somehow make it to this page when searching for porn, please do a favour for the human race and go kill yourself, not because you’re looking for porn (I mean what else is the internet for?) but for being stupid enough to click into a WORDPRESS page (not to say there aren’t any) with the title of “Kevin Lee’s Virtual Dojo” while you’re at it…. and those looking up pedo porn: this is how you guys get chased down…. I’d stick to sitting at playgrounds all day if I were you guys….


why we all love shopping overseas:


One Response to “You people search the weirdest things… perverts…”

  1. Raymond Lam Says:

    I think the Internet has more skeletons in the closet than all the graveyards of the world put together.

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