Scientific Facts

we hear the term all the time, from snack and supplement commercials to schooling and the news; but seriously, there is no such thing as fact in this world, simply claims yet to be disproved.

What is considered a fact changes almost everyday: back in the day it was fact that the world was flat, mental illness was cured by drilling a hole in your skull, earth was the center of the universe, and standing in the cold will get you a cold. In the scientific world things are accepted as facts or laws simply because there is yet to be a better explanation: the effectiveness of a drug depends on the fraction of people that it has an effect on; remember those commercials saying “it has been scientifically test to significantly help sooth the symptoms of influenza” what this means is that we gave this drug to 1000 sick people, about 10 said they felt a bit better, so we made a little graph and threw some stats in there. And has anyone besides me found the claim of “it is scientifically proven that smoking causes cancer” and “we don’t know exactly how lung cancer is formed” a bit contradictory?

People usually think scientists can look down a microscope and see the little balls of atoms and molecule in the nice colours, then move them around to make other stuff; but no, until recently noone has actually seen an atom, chemists and physicists analyse atomical structure and manipulate it by chemical reactions based on theories by some old dude hundreds of years ago, and go by it because the reactions they see conform to it. But let’s say this theory is incorrect, but just that something else happens along with the process tehy were testing, or simply that every time this experiment has been done something has gone wrong, or that this process happens by percentage and it’s just been luck that it’s worked so far…. and now we are basing all our future developments on this principle, we would have then fundamentally biased all our scientific knowledge. I mean think of the alchemists and making medicine out of sulfur and mercury… which I’m sure worked very well in bringing the patient straight to heaven…

I’m not saying that what specialists and textbooks say aren’t trustworthy, I’m just saying don’t live by what others have told you and be open to all possibilities, after all, we are where we are because we question… whether that is a good thing or not you be the judge (and I’m also sick of people telling me they got their sources from ads and their grandmas).

[lies, damn lies, and statistics..]


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