Virtual Dojo Announcement

Ok, listen up people, for those that aren’t attending university or highschool in Australia, this is a note to tell you guys I’m in the last 3 weeks or so of my semester so I’m really busy and I still haven’t studied. So coming here every week isn’t in my best interest considering how much procrastination I go through already. So I probably won’t even think about updating till after the 20th of June.

Kevin Lee out.

P.S. I’ll be going to Hong Kong on the 22nd for 2 weeks, so friends in the city give me a ring or email because I’ll be tight on time. And for everyone else, rest assure I’ll take many Engrish photos!


One Response to “Virtual Dojo Announcement”

  1. Raymond Lam Says:


    20th of June, coming soon to an airport near you.

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