You are not a RPG character

Often (if not always) any discussion I have concerning martial arts involves people categorizing themselves or others as either long/mid/close/in strikers (then further split into boxers and kickers…), weapons, grapplers, ground fighters etc. I think it’s good to know your strong points and it gives you a focus in discussion, but when you categorize yourself all the time you psychologically limit yourself. This also goes for any other matter like types of knowledge, preferred music and movies etc.

I’ve had friends tell me that they’re boxers (not the ones you wear…) or wrestlers, and pretty much that’s all they focus on; so the wrestlers don’t practice their punches and the boxers don’t bother grabbing, and I think this is just giving yourself a handicap. If I must categorize myself, I would say I’m a mid-range striker (over a swordsman simply because I’ve fought more in unarmed), but I still like grapples and ground fighting (though not good at it…), and I brawl quite a bit. We are not fucking RPG characters: we don’t have to pick a certain trait and focus on maxing it! And we don’t have a crappy leveling system, you can train up your abilities as you go… I suppose this leads back to my previous statement that just because you do taekwondo you don’t need to do fairy kicks all the time and Judo people can punch too…

[the next time I see someone write that Jeet Kune Do deals more “crits”, I will spam them with viruses]


random picture of the day: too late…


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