Women’s self-defense: why women are getting raped and assaulted more often

“women’s” martial arts has always been that itch I just can’t scratch without being called sexist, even though I never think that I’m in any way being unreasonable or biased against women. I know a few women out there that I’m sure would be able to kick my ass pretty easily… but then again, there’s only one way to find out…

My biggest problem would have to be: “why women’s martial arts?”, what is the difference compared to our normal martial arts?. Unless you’re telling me you plan to throw hooks at people with your breasts or insert a dagger in your vagina; the last time I checked women still have 2 arms, 2 legs, 20 phalanges, and a head. How I see it, women’s martial arts is just another money making scheme for girls to keep fit, look cool, feed their ego, and at the same time not break a sweat. The only real excuse I can find to support the term is scenario based focusing such as sexual assault, someone stealing your purse… yea, that’s about it, I tried…

When I evaluate a martial art/skill (basically everything), I just think about what works realistically [i.e. are my reflexes really that good? will that guy just stand there while I jump around him? can I really tap a guy in a pressure point with my pinky while he’s elbowing my face?]. And when I think about the division of the sexes in something like martial arts (and anything competitive really..): “I’m pretty good for a girl” just doesn’t cut it. People always say that girls do push ups on their knees because of mechanical disadvantages with a less broad shoulder width, and that this way is ‘equivalent’ to the normal on-your-toes ones. keyword here is “equivalence” (here go the double standards again…); I just don’t get the logic behind this: since you’re already at a biological disadvantage with body portions and muscle development, shouldn’t it be that you work twice as hard rather than half of what the guys do?

now back to women’s ‘self defense’, which is the more bullshit stuff marketed all over the world. These classes usually educate you in the art of somebody grabbing you by the wrist then you twirl around like a fairy till he lets go, while totally ignoring he also has 3 other limbs; the classes also educate you 175 techniques of how to kick someone in the balls. And what qualifications do you need to teach such a class? here’s one I got off an apparently highly regarded women’s martial arts organization:


to break it down:

  • I need to have joined a martial art/ self defense group for 3 years, but only needing to train for 20 days
  • know how to do an upper, middle, and lower block; be able to break-fall
  • babysit your students and shower them with love and care
  • been ‘violently victimized’
  • make class as friendly as possible, reassuring your students that your would be attackers will be just as polite
  • be happy to lower your standards if your students find it too hard
  • paid the organization for a year
  • conform to a load of feminist bullshit (i.e. it is never a women’s fault)

[here’s some other shit to look at while you’re at it: Oh My Fucking Goddess Martial Arts…]

A lot of these ‘self defense’ ideas are not just unrealistic and ineffective, but it can also be dangerous. For example this guy wants your wallet, edging a knife at your throat: normally you would just give him the wallet (at least I would…), but no, you’ve mastered the way of knocking his hand away and giving a punch to the solar plexus… then you realize arms don’t just go limp once you touch them and you don’t successfully defeat an attacker by landing 1 punch that has shit all power to it. So now you’ve successfully pissed the guy off and you get stabbed, have your arms and legs broken, and your nose is pointing in the wrong direction, and your wallet’s still taken. congratulations.

All you women out there wanting to learn how to protect yourselves: learn a real martial art, not the 2 month program shit. Understand that males have a biological advantage in physical activities, accept it, but don’t be discouraged by it: aim to be a good fighter, not just a good female fighter (but try not to use drugs). If you aren’t prepared to put some effort into it: get either a tazer, pepper spray, baseball bat, with a pair of scissors; and if you want to learn how to REALLY defend yourself, learn to sprint, and try to use common sense more like ‘don’t walk through dark alley ways alone at night in a miniskirt’ and calling people “girl bashers” will not always stop someone from bashing you.

[Feminists are the ones responsible for making men look down on women: genocide all feminists to restore world order!]


random crap of the day: How many 5 year olds could you take in a fight?

hm…. I’m pretty sure I can do better than that… well……..only one way to find out!


3 Responses to “Women’s self-defense: why women are getting raped and assaulted more often”

  1. Raymond Lam Says:

    For many females, one must teach in a different way the SAME art that one would teach men. For example, offer more encouragement, keep a closer eye on them to make sure they don’t bludge, etc.

    Hopefully, all roads will lead to Chang An.

  2. Women usually don’t go for martial arts as a form of self-defense as it is somewhat too rough for them. What I have personally noticed is that most of them prefer to use a small “weapon” (e.g., a sharp pin, a bottle of tear gas, a pepper spray, etc) to fight off their attackers.

    But for those who choose to learn martial arts, they should be trained just like how guys are being trained in self-defense – the only difference would probably be more training sessions are needed as women are not normally as strong and agile as males are, although I know a few who can knock out guys in one swift blow!

    Nevertheless, all these talks about gender differences with regards to self-defense are not at all fair for the female species. I think they must also be regarded as an equal if they are to learn how to really defend themselves.

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