Screwing up the Beijing Olympics will not free Tibet!

It seems like everywhere I look and hear it’s ranting and shunning driven by the recent conflict with China and Tibet, and with that said, I will not be discussing this issue, instead I’ll talk about how I plan to design a motion tracking laser that will slice everyone but the torch carriers into tiny cubes.

A common trend I observe through the news and occasional discussions I get with people, is that once something involves something or someone dying, everyone has to have a say in it, regardless of what you know and how much you really care. Then everyone’s talking about it, start protests on the streets and bothering everyone BUT the people they’re protesting against, then ultimately forget what they’re angry about altogether.

So back to the Beijing Olympics, it provided the perfect platform for those who wanted to express their views to the world and pressure the Chinese government to listen since becoming the NAZIs of the east would probably not help their national image, BUT NOBODY TOLD YOU TO FUCKING SCREW UP THE OLYMPICS!!! It has nothing to do with the politics with Tibet. The situation right now is you’re surrounded by cops and you’ve taken a hostage, now you blow the hostage’s brains out all over the front door, then the SWAT will smash through the walls and windows and fill you with enough lead to sink through the floor; and I am telling you now China has proven itself through history to be capable of doing this, it ain’t pretty but it’s reality (:you know, that place where bitching won’t feed you unless you’re married!).

Now think of what the people are doing now: attacking torch carriers, boycotting the Olympic event, shunning athletes… the entire focus has shifted from “free Tibet” to “fuck the Olympics”, something I totally don’t agree with. Remember that the Olympics is not just a Chinese event: it’s GLOBAL!! so you’re effectively ruining it for absolutely EVERYONE!!

And just spare a thought for the athletes, they have trained years for this opportunity, and many only have this one chance in their whole life; and you want them to give it up because you don’t like what something the country that happened to be hosting it was doing? It’s like refusing to fill up your car because the oil company employs illegal workers: makes no fucking sense. Now when they refuse to conform to your irrational demand you go take them down when they’re carrying the torch? They had to make a secret detour because of you people, which makes the whole process completely pointless and everybody is disappointed and annoyed. If we get politics involved into the Olympics like this, it’ll just become a weapon for countries to force other countries to comply to their ideals! [Next country to hold the Olympics: North Korea]

In the end I personally don’t think these protests that involve you repeating the same lame statements over and over really work (at least not the way it should), the so called public pressure really just gives the government/company a harder time by needing to do some marketing to keep you guys happy. Though at the same time if you really want to actively do something about Tibet: talk to the politicians in China or are going to China, or convince a physical intervention from the UN; if you’re not influential enough: go there and fight off the Chinese military there; if you can’t do either, DON’T DO ANYTHING! you’re making it worse, just mind your own business and let the people that CAN do something about it do their job right! I just want to enjoy the Olympics and see some good sports, is that too much to ask? or should I take out the laser?

[Wasn’t China voted by all those countries in the first place? why boycott it now? just don’t fucking give it to them! not like China was any nicer to Tibet before]


Random picture of the day (obviously not one of mine, but who cares, it’s funny):

Ever have that feeling that your boyfriend’s cheating on you behind your back?


2 Responses to “Screwing up the Beijing Olympics will not free Tibet!”

  1. Raymond Lam Says:

    “[Wasn’t China voted by all those countries in the first place? why boycott it now? just don’t fucking give it to them! not like China was any nicer to Tibet before]”

    This is a very important point everyone’s seemed to have forgotten about. It also seems that a lot of people, in particular the West, do not care for how betrayed and annoyed the Chinese could be – imagine being voted in to host the Olympics, and then the whole world turning on you because you are doing something which you’ve been doing for decades. And it’s not turning on you, it’s turning on your right to a successful Olympics.

    I’ve made my position clear on the issue several times, but sometimes the world gets caught up in the hysteria of self-righteousness that the only people who don’t get their voice heard are those who are actually suffering – Tibetans and Chinese citizens.

    In other words, I don’t care a jot about what a suburban, middle class white guy has to say about China and Tibet, because he’s probably an Olympics boycotter!

  2. Lawrence Says:

    Nice picture Kevin! Beautifully photo-shopped I might add. One of yours?

    Yes it would be nice if all these people got the F*** off my television set and stopped ear bashing me every time I turn it on about which athlete thinks this and which cheesy French/English/American politician thinks that because I DON’T GIVE A DAMN. Any athlete who thinks it is his personal responsibility to try and promote political messages should remember what his country has chosen him to do – run, jump, lift heavy things, splash around or swing off something. No individual thought required!

    I have said before that if we support this f****** up of the Olympics now by righteous do-gooders, then we will have every man, elderly grandparent and flee infested cat out on the street protesting every little annoyance in every facet of their daily f****** lives every time the Olympic torch runs around.

    That said, it is hand-in-hand being part of the international community to listen to what people in other countries think of you. It is called responsibility and is part of the wider scope of international relations.
    If anyone disagrees with that then they are welcome to f*** off back to 1958 or even earlier (seeing as there might not be too much difference)

    Love the blog Kevin

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