The mentality of a fighter


I have always believed that to be a great fighter, you must have to be fighting to protect something. This can be anything from a person or religion, to your health or pride; but when you fight to gain, such as to conquer or grab some cash on the side, the will will never be as strong. The logic is that to protect is a need in which failure leads to a loss, and if you need to fight for it then the loss would be a dear one; whereas for gain the motivation comes only from greed, losing just means everything is back to how it use to be. I’m not saying that greed isn’t a powerful driving force, I mean it’ll get you to being good, but not great.

I am a person that enjoys fighting, I love the fact that it’s the competition of every aspect of 2 people (…or 3.. or 10…): speed, agility, strength, skill, intelligence, durability and plain guts (if they haven’t already been spilled), and that you can create your own tactics and variations in moves depending on your opponents without needing to follow rules(as oppose to sports such as: running= just run FASTER!!; swimming: just swim FASTER!! etc), however I have no real need for it. The things I want to protect are not in any immediate danger nor in any environment that could lead me to believe so: I nor the ones I love are living in a war zone , I’m not bullied and picked on, and I have no religion and nor am I really an atheist, I simply don’t care. I’m a pretty lazy person, and at this point in my life martial arts is an interest to me and a precaution for any future encounters when I DO have something to protect; but having no real application for it in my everyday life I won’t be training 12 hours a day kicking palm trees and punching concrete slabs (and a lot of the time I find working out just repetitive and boring, but that can differ depending on how drugged I am).

As a martial artist, as well as a person, I’m still really just starting. So considering the average life expectancy in this day and age… I guess I should pick up the pace and find something worth protecting in this world.


[Random picture of the day: well actually I got this a while ago now and I’ve already criticized it in my old blog, so you guys be the judge, I can’t even be bothered wasting time writing about this (if you don’t see what’s wrong in this ad, you’re probably a star wars fanatic and trains in the art of the force)]



4 Responses to “The mentality of a fighter”

  1. Raymond Lam Says:

    For me, the thing most worth protecting is the Bhagavto (Lord) Buddha. That is why I train to attain physical and mental fortitude. In a humorous way though, sometimes I’m not sure he needs my protection at all… remember Buddha Palm in Kung fu Hustle?

  2. freakychinaman Says:

    well it’s just protecting a belief and doing his dirty work 😛 I mean I’m sure he’ll lose a lot of followers if he keeps Buddha palming everyone. Your function to Buddha is just like the Iscariots are to Jesus 🙂

  3. Raymond Lam Says:

    Haha… must be more careful though, I can’t pull weapons out of thin air… or take a bullet in the head with a big grin on my face some to think of it

  4. freakychinaman Says:

    well start getting use to staring down the barrel of a big gun, and one day you may find humor in it

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