Evolution: what’s so hard to understand?

Though it may not seem to be too pronounced in this blog, I’m actually a science geek, so I thought I’d add in a science related article just to spice up the diversity of information and propaganda you get from this site.

When people think and talk about evolution, they usually talk about Darwinism and ambiguous terms like “it happens across a long time and you don’t see it happen, but we still know man came from monkeys and monkeys came from fish”. Lecturers and know-it-alls go on and on about this stuff and just when I thought I caught the concept, they start steering off into more gibberish. My mission today is to clear up these misunderstandings and ambiguities with a single entry.


Let’s get one thing straight, evolution is not a process that is designed, meaning that just because you live in the sea does not mean that your species will eventually grow gills and flippers; and living in New York doesn’t mean you’ll eventually not need oxygen. Evolution is a result of genetic variability either naturally (eg, natural talents, physical abilities, ethnicity etc), mutation, and cross-breeding (there is co-evolution but I don’t want to make this entry too long); and depending on how strong a selective pressure there is on these traits certain traits will die out and others dominating, this is where the term “survival of the fittest” comes from (not always referring to physical strength, just how adapted to an environment), and this is why it takes so long for more complex organisms.

When I talk about selective pressure, I’m talking about how strong a need you have for a certain trait, so for example: you won’t die if you don’t have a thumb, but if you want to survive on land lungs might come in handy. Then you have the pressure you need to dominate other organisms and your own species of certain niches, so using the example from before: you may not need a thumb to live, but without it humans may not have made it to where they are today.

Nowadays humans don’t have much of a selective pressure on most common (non-debilitating) traits in terms of needing it to survive. Modern technology has allowed a lot of negative genetic features, such as stupidity, obesity, ugliness, bitchiness, and anthropologists to survive without being eaten. The main selective pressure we have is basically whether we can get laid and whether we can have kids; you may think that therefore the above traits should be filtered out, but unfortunately you get desperate stupid people screwing fat, ugly bitches and too stupid and poor to buy a condom. It also happens to be the same people that have tons of time on there hands to have sex all day while tax payers keep them alive; while the healthy, good looking smart people practice safe sex.

To all those that say evolution is only a theory and hasn’t been proven: you’re all idiots. I just listed a very simple logic of “the smart live, the idiots die”, that IS the process of evolution. If you want an example that’s closer to home, think of the flu. Even if you don’t pay any attention to scientific development, you would’ve noticed the flu getting more and more vicious and more and more deaths and ultimately we’ll be facing another plague that’ll wipe out most of our population (just my speculation, it’s just a trend that happens every few centuries); and also stories about the ‘super bugs‘ that are immune to most known antibiotics. There we go: EVOLUTION!

So evolution is really just a process of trial and error: if it doesn’t work, it gets abandoned; if it works, good for you. So stop asking questions like “why did it grow legs? why am I so hairy? why doesn’t it have wings?”, because animals didn’t choose what traits they wanted (sort of…).

Finally, a note to any creationists out there that deny evolution because you’re too stubborn and your faith is too insecure, I hope I have convinced you that you are a bunch of idiots and shattered your belief system, if not, I promise I’ll try again. If I don’t convince you on my second attempt, give me your name and address so that I can shatter your pelvis.

[If you happen to be a creationist that discredits evolution based on reasoning then the above does not apply to you (note: the Bible does not count as a source of reason nor fact.)]


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  1. I’m glad you’re not in charge of the world (yet?)

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